Spill Containments

  • “L Bracket” Containment – 12″ wall. This is typical containment for Frac tanks.
  • 12’x30′
  • 12’x50′
  • Foam Wall Containment – 4″ wall
  • 8’x14′ typical containment use: Totes and Pumps
  • 12’x30′ typical containment use: Transports and Blenders
  • 12’x50′ typical containment use: Frac tanks and Totes

All containments can be custom made and equipped with tire guards (tear protection). Our containments are constructed of highly durable material resistant to extreme weather conditions and hazardous materials.

Vacuum Services

  • 70 BBL – Used for on-site cleanup.
  • 130 BBL Chemical Transport – Specially lined for transporting Sodium Hydroxide and other acid additives/caustics.


Chemical Storage Units

CSU’s (Chemical Storage Units) provide up to 6000 gallons of on-site chemical storage. The HDPE (high density polyethylene) tanks, hold a variety of chemicals with specific gravity of 1.9 (16 lbs. /gallon +/-.)Two 3000 gallon elliptical ley tanks are fitted on a float style trailer with a 2” chemical diaphragm transfer pump. The manifold system is designed for “Plug and Go” application and the over top fill lines allow for tank filling without interrupting service.

Safety Restraints

EEES offers safety restraints for multiple applications. Restraints help to ensure safety from the many failures that can occur on a jobsite. Our system helps mitigate the risk from pumping operations. A detailed inventory and inspection system is maintained to ensure quality and safe use.

We can custom tailor restraint services for the following applications.

  • Frac (pump trucks, missles, manifolds, stand pipes, flowback lines, chixons, etc. )
  • Flowback (catchers, iron, etc.)
  • Production
  • Cement
  • Drilling

For more information and detailed quotes contact:

Joe Martinez-Operation Manager-Restraints