Shower / Cooling Trailers

EEES Energy Solutions Safety Shower Trailer

Size: 8 x 12

  • ANSI-Compliant shower trailer for well site safety
  • Quickly flush eyes and body for emergency use
  1. Self-Contained with diesel generator available
  2. Circulating pumps for cold weather applications
  3. Insulated 350 gallon tank
  4. Backup power available
  5. Rear and side entry points

Please inquire for specific pricing

EEES Energy Solutions Heating/Cooling Trailers

Size: 8 x 16

Open and enclosed models available

  • Keep contractors and employees comfortable while working in the field.
  • Reduce worksite injuries
  • Fully stocked first aid kit
  • Fire Extinguisher
  • Ceiling mount heat/ac unit
  • Lowers temperature by up to 40 degrees.

Please inquire for specific pricing